World's Oldest Blogger Turned 104 in May 2016!


Jaa Tämä!

Dagny Carlsson started blogging at the age of 100! So don't ever think you're too old to learn something new.

She says that the secret to a long life is good genes and curiosity. It seems that she lives by that credo because she took a computer course when she was 99 to satisfy her curiosity about computers.

That course motivated her to start a personal blog. SimpleSite is very proud that she chose to use the SimpleSite blogging platform from the day she started blogging back in 2012 and continues with SimpleSite. Today her site has has close to two million visitors.

Dagny's site can be found at Blog with Me! – or Blogga Med Mig! in her native Swedish.
Yes, it's in Swedish, but don't worry about that. Google will translate it for you into just about any language you can think of.

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Dagny signs her blog posts as Bojan – her pen name. She looks at herself and her past in musings with a little humor, but considers herself to be a blunt person. She likes to compare how things are now with how they were years ago.

For example, take the description of the meatballs her mother made from scratch, using beef and pork, boiling the meat and grinding it herself, adding onions and a bit of boiled potato, and served with a sauce made from the meat broth.

Dagny compared that with the machine-made meatballs at today's supermarkets. I vote for her mother's meatballs. In fact, her post might motivate some readers to forego those tasteless supermarket meatballs and try making them from scratch again.

Why Stop at Blogging?

No, Dagny didn't stop with blogging. She has a Facebook page with 6,080 followers. Yes, it's also in Swedish, but just click on 'See translation.' Like Google's translation, it isn't 100% perfect, but it's certainly good enough to understand what she's talking about.

On Dagny's Facebook page, take a look at a video posted April 20 showing her trying out a virtual reality device for the first time. The audio is in Swedish, but there are English captions.

What Is So Fascinating About Her Life?

You might be thinking something to the effect that "Well, if she can do it, I guess I can, too." But then the naysayer inside your head reminds you that there's nothing particularly exciting in your life to blog about.

At that point, you probably ask yourself "What is so interesting in her life to blog about?"
Good question.

The answer is that Dagny Carlsson doesn't lead an especially fascinating life. The popularity of her blog can be attributed more to the heartwarming and optimistic attitude that she expresses in her posts. She shares everyday activities with her readers in an endearing tone, such as –
  • memories of her childhood
  • the desserts she likes to make
  • tips on managing personal finances
  • pictures of her home
  • Swedish traditions
  • her gratitude for life in general
In addition to the everyday topics that she blogs about, she hopes to also be a voice for older people.

With her interviews in various Swedish newspapers and on several Swedish television programs as well as her ongoing blog and Facebook page, Dagny certainly is showing the world just how big an impact a 104-year-old woman can have.

What Next?

Dagny said that a person gets old when she stops being curious and learning new things. She claims that blogging will not be the last thing she learns and mentioned checking out Instagram next.

Has this post motivated you to get started blogging. You can join Dagny on SimpleSite and set up your own FREE blog. Just click the green button to begin.

Build a Free Blog here!

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Author: Jaipal Singh

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